Organic Single-Origin Trinitario Cacao Beans and Nibs

Organic Single-Origin Trinitario Cacao Beans and Nibs



Our EU-certified organic, 100% Trinitario variety cacao nibs for chocolate and butter making, baking and as added ingredient. Sun-dried, these fermented, single origin 100% high-grade cacao nibs have distinctive natural chocolate aroma, quality and flavor with very low cadmium levels acceptable under the 2019 Swiss-EU regulations for cacao and cacao by products.

Since the 16th century, the Philippines have been cultivating and trading the fine bean Trinitario variety, a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero. Brought from Mexico during the era of the Manila Galleons, Spanish ships linked the Philippines and Mexico for over two and a half centuries across the Pacific Ocean. Hence, the Filipinos' rich tradition of making and drinking chocolate for breakast and eating chocolate rice pudding 'champurado' using pure Trinitario cacao liquor tablets!

We work directly with a 13 year-old cacao social enterprise that revived an abandoned cacao-producing rural district together with over 560 farmer members. Together, we offer 250 tons annually of 100% premium Trinitario cacao nibs and beans for your innovative products and gastronomic creations.

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