Organic Heirloom, Wholegrain Rice

Organic Heirloom, Wholegrain Rice

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Our Swiss-EU certified organic, heirloom, wholegrain rice varieties in red, black, brown are our healthier alternative to polished rice. With the bran, germ and endosperm intact, fiber, nutrients and vitamins remain.

Naturally rich in fiber and biodynamically grown, these grains remain unpolished, nutritive and 100% natural with a rich, nutty flavor and sweet aroma. 1 cup of grain makes 3 cups of boiled rice. Ideal for making rice milk, rice puddings; delicious in salads, as side dish, and desserts.

There are over 300 rice varieties in the Philippines, of which, many are ancient and indigenous to a specific region, climate and topography. Our partner rice farmers are from Don Bosco MultiPurpose Cooperative, Southern Mindanao and the tribal farmers tilling the UNESCO recognized rice terraces of Northern Luzon. Together, we offer 30 tons of these ancient wholegrain grains yearly.

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