We redefine the art of sweetening,

of baking and of cooking

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Our Alternative for a Healthier Lifestyle

We consume highly processed and artificial sweeteners in most of what we eat and drink! Did you know that healthy, authentic natural sweeteners hold a mere 1% share of the global sweetener market, while refined sugars dominate by a whopping 82% ? In fact, the World Health Organization recommends 5-6 teaspoons of sugar per day... and a cup of coffee sold in cafés contains up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. In Switzerland alone, there are over 400,000 diabetics and this rising number concerns all because excessive sugar intake causes obesity-related diseases in children and adults worldwide, with detrimental effects on wealth, health and our quality of life.

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Highest Quality Ingredients

Simple pleasures. No empty calories. Gastronomic recipes. Authentic ingredients speak for themselves, don’t they ? We are passionate about preserving and promoting heirloom, nutritive, versatile, 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality with distinct characteristics, textures and excellent taste. We respect the optimal shelf life of our products and make every effort to comply with stringent Swiss-EU food quality and safety standards. Valuing nature’s natural cycle and the craftmanship of Philippine rural farmers, we can humbly bring their legacy to your table.


Sustainable and Eco-friendly

SAGANÀ’s strength lies on the abundant, sustainable ingredients and our resilient partner rural agri-communities, to meet the growing global demands for ethical and healthier 100% natural food alternatives. For example, our Swiss-EU certified organic and vegan coconut blossom sweeteners in eco-friendly packaging have been harvested, cooked, packaged and shipped from a single origin directly to Switzerland ! Our capacity to offer high-value, low impact, premium agri-products in retail and bulk, allow us to create positive impact in four key areas : gourmet, health, social and environmental.

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Responsible and Ethical

SAGANÀ strives to work with responsible cooperatives and social enterprises that share our values of authenticity, transparency, respect, integrity, excellence and openness. Working directly with producers, we avoid intermediaries, control quantities of the highest quality and ensure that rural community farmers have safe, healthy, dignified working conditions with fair premium wages. By creating a forward-thinking ‘business with a conscience’, our goal is to grow, build trust and long-term healthy relationships with our partner producers and conscious customers.