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Who We Are

SAGANÀ means ‘abundance’ in Tagalog. We have chosen an abundant resource to create our flagship products from undiluted coconut blossom nectar. Our goal is to bring to your kitchen table, healthier, versatile 100% natural ingredients that directly support the sustainable rural community livelihoods of our partner-farmers in the Philippines. From concept in 2014 to prototyping and market testing from Zürich to Geneva, our Swiss social start up have created SAGANÀ, the first Filipino-Swiss owned, purpose-driven, premium healthy lifestyle Swiss brand built from scratch.

Our Mission

We advocate healthy living, fair trade, rural community empowerment and environmental sustainability. We collaborate with recognized local cooperatives and social enterprises that share our values, produce the highest quality agri-products and meet stringent environmental standards.

Inspired by our business degrees, entrepreneurial spirit, relevant expertise and international savvy, we strive to create 'green jobs' with premium fair wages, help alleviate poverty by creating a forward-thinking 'business with a conscience'.

 Our Values

The values of authenticity, transparency, respect, integrity, excellence and openness, guide us. As the direct intermediary between producers and customers, we strive to work with like-minded partners who share these and believe in fair and empowering collaborations.