• We redefine the art of sweetening,

    of baking and of cooking.

  • Saganà brings the highest quality, authentic, organic and undiluted

    100% natural sweetener to your table while supporting sustainable rural farming communities in the Philippines.


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     What is coconut sweetener ?



  • from coconut blossom nectar to sweetener

    Eight (8) liters of fresh, nutritive coconut blossom nectar produces 1 kilo of 100% pure Saganà

    100% natural and authentic

    No anti-fermenting and bleaching agents, no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors. Together with our partner social enterprise in Southern Mindanao, we work with partner- tappers who carefully harvest the nectar from pesticide-free and certified organically-grown trees derived from the Cocos Nucifera variety. These tappers skillfully climb the trees several times a day to bind and cut the flower spathes. Precious nectar drips from these spathes into containers for the next three to five weeks!

    nutritious and eco-friendly

    Saganà's fresh nectar benefits from a neutral PH balance. It is boiled under minimal heat using biomass until its water content evaporates. It is then sifted and air dried. Thanks to these artisanal methods, the nectar's inherent minerals and vitamins remain intact. Would you believe, tapping the tree makes it more fertile ? Coconut trees are also excellent carbon sinks and soil builders with many uses from the roots, fruits to the leaves.

    Low in glycemic index and potassium-rich

    Minimally-processed foods assist in digesting food more slowly, and in effect, help control the blood pressure. Also SAGANÀ is potassium-rich (52% NRV ) and low in fructose ( 2.3%) according to our food analyses. A versatile natural sweetener, it replaces industrial sugars for sweetening, baking and cooking. How can anyone resist its subtle authentic caramel taste ? When it enriches the flavor of goumet coffee, fine tea and classic cocktails...


    What is wrong with our table sugar?


    Our basic kitchen ingredient has become addictive,

    toxic and offers empty calories...

  • Are you consuming too much sugar?

    We consume highly refined and artificial sugars in most of what we eat and drink!

    6 teaspoons max

    The World Health Organization recommends 5-6 teaspoons of sugar per day. A cup of coffee sold in cafés contains up to 25 teaspoons of sugar.

    +400,000 diabetics

    This rising number concerns Switzerland alone. Excessive sugar intake causes obesity-related diseases in children and adults worldwide.


    1% versus 82%

    Did you know that natural and healthy sweeteners hold a mere 1% share of the global sweetener market, while refined sugars dominate by a whopping 82%?


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  • Our Team

    We advocate healthy living, fair trade, rural community empowerment and environmental sustainability.

    We collaborate with recognized local cooperatives and social enterprises that share our values, produce the highest quality agri-products and meet stringent environmental standards.

    Inspired by our business degrees, entrepreneurial spirit, relevant expertise and international savvy, we strive to create 'green jobs' with premium fair wages, help alleviate poverty by creating a forward-thinking 'business with a conscience'.

    Cattleya Romero-Faude

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    Importation, Mktg & Sales



    Sheila Rose Romero

    Co-Founder (Manila-based)

    Sourcing to Exportation

    Cara Koepf

    Business Development and Strategic Planning

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    Dr. Karola Krell Zbinden

    Board Member and Legal Consultant

    Specialist in European and Swiss Food Law

    including Product Safety Law

    Michaela Gruber


    Specialist in Luxury Marketing

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